Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our litigation group provides you and your business with strategic planning, risk-avoidance counsel, and aggressive courtroom advocacy when necessary. Above all, our goals are to further your business interests and protect your bottom-line. We have a fully bilingual practice that specializes in resolving domestic and international disputes.  We represent clients in domestic and international proceedings, both in English and Spanish, in federal and state courts, and in arbitral tribunals.  We represent clients in commercial litigation,  white-collar crimes,  FCPA,  fraud,  corruption,  intellectual property, labor and employment, and probate cases. Additionally, we conduct internal investigations in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia.  Our team becomes your trusted partner in minimizing the disruptive impact that litigation can have on your business when you are forced to defend against a lawsuit, or maximizing your efficiencies when you choose to litigate to resolve a dispute.  Litigation is not always the best answer to a problem. We will customize an ongoing plan to assure that when you are involved in litigation, we further your business interests, and whenever possible, avoid costly litigation in the first place.